Iron Man 2 Online Slots

Players who are looking for a way to bring more action into their online gaming would do well to take a look at Iron Man 2 Online Slots. Modeled after the award-winning sequel to the Iron Man movie, this Playtech slots game offers players multiple chances at huge jackpots and exciting hidden features.

The Story of the Game

The Iron Man 2 Online Slots game tells the story of Tony Stark, his alter ego Iron Man, his trusted secretary and friend Pepper Potts, and their enemy Ivan Vanko. Players have the chance to match up symbols of these instantly recognizable characters and multiple Iron Man logos for the chance to win huge prizes. On top of this, there are many hidden features to the game, where players can become personally invested in the Iron Man story. Players can defend the Iron Man base, defend the country, and end terrorism with special games within the game.

Winning Big

There are many chances for players to win huge sums of money with Iron Man 2 Online Slots. The game has 20 different paylines, and with the introduction of special scatter symbols, they don't even have to match up symbols in a straight line. By just brining up any Iron Man logo, players can transform symbols into permanent wilds, transforming otherwise useless results into winning combinations.

The Iron Man 2 Online Slots game is available at the TitanCasino for as few as 10 coins. Players who want to win the maximum amount possible, though, should be prepared to bet the maximum amount available and play the maximum number of lines they can.